The Artists

Francis Godefroit

He cultivates the art of painting with happiness. Francis is one of those men whom we can call alchemists, sometimes mixing the materials to give body to his art, sometimes stroking his painting to the extreme. Her subjects are landscape, wore the nude. For him only admosphère is important, it is by this that he is close to Impressionism. His mediums of choice are oil painting, acrylics and chalk. In this mix we are traveling in an exotic or inconsient his inner self.

Patrick Bourlet

Painter fascinated by human nature in it to noble and beauty.La corrida beyond the ruling allows the artist to explore all facets of painting. Patrick favorite subject for the "Woman" with her beauty and mysteries. pinup is his main subject he tackles a very personnelle.his medium is oil paint and chalk accompanied by Color's pencils for drawing .............. The Pin up or Woman of your dreams.

Jean Marc Tranchant

Jean-Marc is the archetypal adventurer, glider pilot, skydiver, Marine ... He takes us on his travels. It is this pastel contemplative us to share these feelings exacerbated by the discovery. His subjects range from landscape to detail an Egyptian bas-relief through the erotic curve of a languish woman .His portraits are evidence of the fruit characters of character of his meetings. His preferred medium is pastel. Impressions of Egypt is the title.

Art and Colors

In this gallery you can find various topics treated in various ways borrowed singular character of their authors. A common characteristic is their love of painting. The source of inspiration in the landscape, marine, portrait, nude erotica, pin-up ..... to each his own. Art and colors wish you a good visit and thank you for your interest.